Senator Lugar challenges teens to be leaders (see video clips)

Senator LugarBefore an audience of parents, teachers and more than 500 Indiana high school students today, U.S. Sen. Richard G. Lugar offered his perspective on current events — from unemployment and health care reform to war and diplomacy — and he challenged the teens to take active roles in their communities and the world at large.

The event was the 33rd annual Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow’s Leaders at the University of Indianapolis, which brings together top high school juniors from around the state for a day of expert presentations and discussion on pressing national and global issues.

Video 1: Before his keynote speech, Indiana’s senior senator spoke with Indianapolis Star reporter Josh Duke about why the symposium was important enough for him to miss a Senate vote this morning — only his second absence this year out of more than 370 votes taken.

Video 2: The senator also previewed the challenge that he would issue later to the students in attendance, urging them to consider the issues facing their communities and find ways to get involved.

The annual symposium is hosted by UIndy’s Richard G. Lugar Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders, established in 2007 to provide leadership experiences for Indiana high school and college students and show them the value of leadership in service to others, while exploring issues of ethics and integrity and the qualities of strong leaders.

Video 3: Senator Lugar poses for photos with high school students attending the symposium at UIndy.