Changes announced for Athens Campus

As President Robert Manuel announced Wednesday, concerns about enrollment and revenue are forcing UIndy to phase out many of the programs at Indianapolis Athens College, more commonly known as the university’s “Athens Campus.” The Odyssey in Athens study-abroad program also will be discontinued after this summer.

“The welfare of our Athens employees and students is our primary concern at this time,” Dr. Manuel wrote. “We will keep Athens faculty and staff informed as we manage these changes, and we will work with current and previously enrolled students to help them understand their options for completing their degrees.”

More details on options for students are available at the Athens Campus website.

What follows is a public statement crafted by the university to explain the decision to news media:

Economic conditions in Greece have made it very difficult for the University of Indianapolis to operate its subsidiary, Indianapolis Athens College, according to the high standards of the university and the expectations of our accrediting agency. As a result, the Board of Directors of Indianapolis Athens College has resolved to cease admitting students in all undergraduate and some graduate programs at the Athens Campus, and to stop offering courses in those programs as of August 31. The decision is supported by the Board of Trustees of the University of Indianapolis.

The decision affects 176 students currently enrolled at the Athens Campus, which the university has owned since 2004. The Athens Campus plans to continue providing its contracted MBA program for students from Saudi Arabia, and to use that financially viable program as a model for developing new programs on a contract basis.

Indianapolis Athens College and the University of Indianapolis are working with Greek authorities and with the university’s accrediting agency to ensure that the disruption to students, faculty and staff is minimized to the extent possible. The Athens Campus will maintain an office to advise and support students in completing their degrees, with several options including online coursework and transfer to the Indianapolis campus or to other institutions.

This decision in no way indicates a decline in the commitment of the University of Indianapolis to providing international experiences for students and faculty. The university maintains strong partnerships with higher-education institutions in China and Belize, as well as relationships in Europe, Africa and elsewhere. UIndy will continue to develop international alliances that support its mission and to place a high priority on study and research abroad.