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On the air: Jazz Week and the business of sport


Director of Jazz Studies Freddie Mendoza was a guest on the latest episode of WFYI’s The Art of the Matter to talk about the eighth annual UIndy Jazz Week, which starts today and continues through Saturday with nightly concerts featuring students as well as top local and national players.

Mendoza, who took over the Jazz Studies program last fall upon the retirement of founder Harry Miedema, also discussed the value of the program and his plans for its future. Listen to the interview with co-host Travis DiNicola here.

By the way, Jazz Week is No. 2 on the Indianapolis Star’s list of “21 best things to do in April.” Read more about the artists and schedule here.

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Professor Larry DeGaris of the School of Business was a guest on WIBC radio Saturday afternoon for a live discussion on the economic impact of major sporting events such as the Final Four, the role that sport has played in revitalizing the city of Indianapolis and the effect of corporate influence on sports. Listen to an excerpt here.