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“Doc” Borden to receive UIndy honorary degree

Longtime faculty and staff will see a familiar face among this year’s honorary degree recipients at the University of Indianapolis.

Dr. Kenneth Borden at the Athletic Hall of Fame induction banquet in February 2017. (Photo by D. Todd Moore)
Dr. Kenneth Borden at the Athletic Hall of Fame induction banquet in February 2017. (Photo by D. Todd Moore)

Dr. Kenneth “Doc” Borden will receive an honorary degree, along with Dr. Katherine Welch ’93 and Marc Adams ’81. Borden joined the faculty in 1968 and was instrumental in the growth and expansion of the University over the next 30 years. 

Borden taught a variety of introductory science courses, including mathematics, chemistry, computer science and physics, impacting thousands of students pursuing all areas of study. He also served as the University’s sports information director from 1976 to 1978 and for many years as the faculty representative to the Athletics Committee, including as chair in 1980.

Borden said he was “surprised, honored and humbled” to learn of the honorary degree.

“After sitting through almost 40 graduations at the university, seeing and hearing about the individuals receiving honorary degrees, I am amazed to think that anyone would think I have something in common with the people receiving the degree,” he said.

Along with his contributions to academics at the University, Borden was a founding member of the Great Lakes Valley Conference, for which he was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. Borden also serves as a proud advocate for the University to alumni and is one of a select group to be named an Honorary Alumnus.

“When I think of the other two recipients this year, Marc, a nationally recognized expert in his field and with a record of community involvement, and Kathy, who has dedicated her life to caring for others, I feel I need to strive to do more. These are two very outstanding people and I am very proud to be recognized along with them,” Borden added.

A brilliant scientist who loved sharing his interest with his students, Borden spent his career thinking about not only what was best for the University but also what was next. Many of the research opportunities that exist today for students and faculty represent the vision he inspired as a campus leader.

While Borden said he was impressed by the University’s growth in recent years, he pointed to community partnerships as a valuable part of that development.

Borden has been pleased to see “how giving and helping others has increased by faculty, staff, and students. A good example is the efforts of the student athletes with team visits to Riley Hospital and working with the children there, adopting kids to be a part of the team experience and fundraising with the [NCAA] Student Athlete Advisory Committee,” he said.

Written by Sara Galer, Senior Communications Specialist, University of Indianapolis. Contact with your campus news.