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Parking notification

University Facilities would like to remind drivers to campus of the importance of parking in a marked space in the supplemental parking lot on the northeast corner of Hanna Avenue and State Street (across the street from Key Stadium).

Recently some cars have been parked illegally in traffic lanes, resulting in other drivers not being able to maneuver through and exit the lot. This primarily occurs when the marked spaces are snow-covered and hard to determine.

Facilities will continue to work hard to clear snow and ice from lots during inclement weather, but please keep in mind that snow and ice removal are especially difficult in gravel lots.  Unlike asphalt, we cannot plow down to the surface without damaging the surface and creating ruts.  New signs were posted today in the Hanna/State lot to indicate where parking is restricted to allow for open access to traffic lanes within the lot. Violators could face tickets or be towed.

Facilities crews arrive each day well before classes and departments begin to ensure campus lots are safe and accessible. Your help in this process is greatly appreciated.