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Reflector recognized with 29 awards

The Reflector (print and online publications) won 29 state-level journalism awards in April/May from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association and the Society of Professional Journalists Best in Indiana Journalism competitions. Congratulations to these students!
*Best Continuous Coverage of a Single Story, Second Place, “IndyGo Red Line,” Madison Gomez, Justus O’Neil, and Hallie Gallinat
*Best Editorial Cartoon, Third Place, “Trump’s Wall: Brick-by-Brick, Shayla Cabalan
*Best Entertainment Column or Review, Second Place, “Indiana Fear Farm,” Tony Reeves
*Best Entertainment Column or Review, Third Place, “Game Grumps: The Final Party Tour,” Ethan Gerling
*Best Photo Feature, First Place, “Students Create On-Campus Barber Shops,” Tony Reeves
*Best Front Page, First Place, April 3 Front Page, Zoë Berg
*Best Informational Graphic, First Place, “2019 Indianapolis City-County Council District 16 Election,” Ethan Gerling, Justus O’Neil
*Best News Photo, First Place, “UIndy Drag Show 2019: Ty Johnson as Fruit Tea,” Jayden Kennett
*Best News Photo, Third Place, “Youth Climate Strike,” Tony Reeves
*Best Non-Deadline News Story, Second Place, “Marion County Marijuana Possession Cases Receive Policy Changes,” Noah Crenshaw
*Best Opinion Column, First Place, “Conservatism’s Core Values Still Have Impact,” Tate Jones
*Best Overall Design, First Place, October 30 Issue, Staff of The Reflector
*Best Review, Second Place, “Hozier: ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ Review, Abby Land
*Best Single Issue, Second Place, December 11 Issue, Staff of The Reflector
*Best Sports Feature Story, First Place, “Sue Willey, VP of Intercollegiate Athletics, Reflects on Time at UIndy before Retirement,” Jayden Kennett and Emily Del Campo
*Best Sports News Story, Third Place, “Baseball and Softball Teams Set Pre-Season Goals,” Jacob Walton
*Best Sports Page, Second Place, April 17 Sports Page, Cassandra Lombardo
*Best Sports Page, Third Place, September 25 Sports Page, Jacob Walton
*Best Themed Issue, Second Place, August 21, 2019, Issue, Staff of The Reflector
*Division II Newspaper of the Year, Third Place, The Reflector
*Best Full Color Display Ad, Second Place, College Crossing Spring Ad, Tate Jones
*Advertising Publication of the Year, Third Place, The Reflector
SPJ Best in Indiana Journalism
*Breaking News Reporting, Second Place, “Jewish-Israeli Students Find Swastika in Residence Hall,” Jayden Kennett
*Sports Reporting, Third Place, Sports Reporting, Abby Land, Jayden Kennett, Emily Del Campo
*Editorial Writing, First Place, “Gentrification Hurts Low-Income Hoosiers, But It Doesn’t Have To,” Ally Nickerson
*News Photography, Second Place, “Youth Climate Strike,” Kiara Conley and Tony Reeves
*Page One or Cover Design, Third Place, Front Page Design, Zoë Berg and Noah Crenshaw
*Best Design Other Than Page One or Cover, Second Place, February and April Issues, Zoë Berg
*Graphics or Illustration, Third Place, “Sue Willey Announces Retirement,” Ethan Gerling