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Gerburg Garmann’s artwork featured on cover of So to Speak journal

"Women's Council" by Gerburg Garmann

The artwork of Gerburg Garmann, professor of French and German in the Department of Global Languages & Cross-Cultural Studies, was featured on the cover of the feminist journal So to Speak. The piece, titled “Women’s Council,” appears on the cover of the Summer 2021 issue.

“My chosen mission is to tell — over and over — the often untold stories about women via abstract portraits. Abstracts have the ability to be truer than non-fiction in that they gather traits, thoughts, and  experiences into an attractive, challenging, and meaningful composite. Mine offer an offbeat quality through stark expressionistic imaging. They celebrate key existential moments, questions, and insights while being intentional about bearing specific witness to women’s experiences. At the same time, my artwork memorializes women’s uniqueness within the human fabric,” Garmann explained.

In June 2021, Garmann presented virtually at the 14th Global Studies Conference, “Life after the Pandemic: Towards a New Biopolitics?” at Concordia University in Montréal. The title of her presentation was “Between the homo sacer, the homo politicus, and the homo rassisticus: Dancing the ‘Post’ before, during, and after the Pandemic.”

She also was recently honored with an invitation to present at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, England, as part of an interdisciplinary roundtable symposium on pressing post-pandemic topics in the spring or summer of 2022. Membership is limited to approximately 25 interdisciplinary scholars who have a particular interest in this subject.  

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