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Professor of Sociology Amanada Miller Writes Commentary for WalletHub Article

Professor Amanda Miller recently provided commentary for a WalletHub article titled, “2021’s Most Sinful Cities.” The article goes into detail about what qualifies as a “sin” and how they come to be known as such, as well as what cities in America seem to be committing the most.

Amanda Miller, PhD, Professor and Chair of the University of Indianapolis Department of Sociology, was asked of her expert opinion on the topic.

“Sociologists focus on how the world around us impacts our decisions. What might be considered sinful in one location or at one point in time would be viewed as commonplace in others,” Amanda explains in the article. She goes on to answer some thought provoking questions such as “Is cheating within marriage becoming more or less common over time?” and “Should the government play a role in trying to reduce greed and consumerism?” as well as a few others.

Read the answers and the rest of the article here.