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Dhabih Chulhai Featured in Journal of Chemical Education

Dhabih Chulhai

Written by Addison Campbell

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Dhabih Chulhai was recently highlighted in a list of trending articles in the Journal of Chemical Education for his article,  “Quantum Particle-in-a-Sandbox: A Video Game That Explores the Time-Dependent Wave Function for Any Arbitrary One-Dimensional Potential.” The article explores the creation and use of QPiaS, a tool that is both a web-based video game and a Python package, as a means of teaching for physical chemistry undergraduate courses.

Having an article featured in the top journal in the field of chemical education is a significant accomplishment, about which Chulhai stated, “I made a video game for my physical chemistry class and published the game in the Journal of Chemical Education. I’m always excited about finding new and interesting ways to engage students. Being highlighted in the journal is quite an honor and it lets me know that others both appreciate my work and find it useful.”

You can read Chulhai’s full article here