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Sha’Quan Logan Receives ‘Realizing the Dream’ Scholarship for First-Generation College Students

Sha'Quan Logan and Pat Higgins

Sha’Quan Logan, a junior majoring in political science, was named the “Realizing the Dream” recipient by the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI). As a result, Logan receives an award of $4,000 from the scholarship program which recognizes outstanding achievement from first-generation college students as they look to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

The scholarship program from ICI is made possible by a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. Each year, one student from each of Indiana’s private, non-profit colleges and universities is given the scholarship.

The recipients were awarded at a special banquet on February 24 at the Eiteljorg Museum.

Sha'Quan Logan and Pat Higgins at 'Realizing the Dream' banquet
Sha’Quan Logan talks with his influential educator Pat Higgins at the ICI “Realizing the Dream” banquet.

In addition, Logan was able to thank an educator who has been influential in their journey. Logan selected Pat Higgins, his eighth grade teacher at Brown Intermediate School in South Bend.

Logan credits Higgins for being one of the first people to realize that Logan has the potential to be something great, opening up doors for Logan because of the belief Higgins demonstrated in Logan.

In addition to Logan’s award, Higgins receives $1,000 in professional development grants.

“Thanks to the continued support of Lilly Endowment, we get the opportunity to hear the inspiring stories of these first-generation students and the impact local educators have had on their drive to succeed academically,” said Dottie L. King, ICI’s president & CEO. “These scholarship awards will provide critical support for these young people who are dreaming of future success.”  

Logan says it’s not always easy to be a first-generation college student because he cannot depend on his family for answers about questions and unique predicaments about college, for example, how to balance an off-campus job with coursework.

Logan says a college education will equip him to be a better person and put him on the right path for his desired career path–which is to one day be a Congressman.

You can watch a video of Logan as well as all the other “Realizing the Dream” recipients on the ICI website.

Sha'Quan Logan at 'Realizing the Dream' banquet