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Recognition of Faculty Achievements 2023-24

Drone footage of the UIndy campus

On behalf of everyone at UIndy, we offer congratulations to all our faculty who have received promotions, tenure, grants, sabbaticals and other distinguished awards.

Please take a moment to read through this impressive list and be sure to congratulate our colleagues as you meet them around campus! Thanks to all of you for the wonderful work you do and for helping our students and university to thrive!

Faculty Scholarship Grants
Anh Nguyen, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Sarah Pfohl, Department of Art and Design

Zerfas Grants
Alissia Garabrant, School of Occupational Therapy
Brenda Howard, School of Occupational Therapy
Stephanie Kelly, College of Health Sciences
Jessica Jochum, Department of Athletic Training
Chris Schmidt, Department of Anthropology
Steve Spicklemire, R.B. Annis School of Engineering
Nicole Taylor, School of Psychology
Jennifer VanSickle, Department of Kinesiology, Health & Sport Sciences
Laurie Williams, Department of Music
Vivian Xiang, School of Business

Sabbaticals 2024-25
Bruce Biggs, Department of Criminal Justice
Kara Cecil, Department of Kinesiology, Health & Sport Sciences
Darryl Clark, Department of Communication
Brenda Howard, School of Occupational Therapy
Chad Martin, Department of History & Political Science
Greg Martin, Department of Music
Rebecca McKanna, Department of English
Chad Odaffer, Department of Kinesiology, Health & Sport Sciences
Steve Zimmerly, Department of English

Award of Tenure
Ray Begovich, Department of Communication
Gregory Shufeldt, Department of History and Political Science

Promotion to Assistant Professor
Luanne Benson-Lendon, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Alicia Cecil, Department of Biology
Shawn Hurst, Department of Biology

Promotion to Associate Professor with Tenure
Ryan Behan, Department of Music
Mason Burns, School of Psychology
Suranga Dharmarathne, R.B. Annis School of Engineering
Rachel Feldswich, Phylis Lan Lin School of Social Work and Counseling
Ana Maria Ferreira, Department of Global Languages and Cross-Cultural Studies
Nathaniel Foley, Department of Art and Design
Michelle Itczak, Department of Counseling
Christine Kroll, School of Occupational Therapy
Jon Noworyta, Department of Music
Sarah Pfohl, Department of Art and Design
Sarah Reynolds, Department of Physics and Earth Space Science
Allison Snyder, School of Business
Colleen Wynn, Department of Sociology

Promotion to Professor
Aaron Kivisto, School of Psychology
Katie Kivisto, School of Psychology
John Kuykendall, College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Marc Milne, Department of Biology
Alyson O’Daniel, Department of Anthropology
David Styers-Barnett, Department of Chemistry
Lisa Borrero, Interprofessional Health and Aging Studies