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Faculty Artist Concert Series: Erin Benedict

Image of vocalist Erin Benedict

This event has ended

“Erin Benedict plays well with others!”

A musical celebration of the timeless melodies of Burt Bacharach, Cole Porter, and other composers from the American songbook. Led by the enchanting vocals of Erin Benedict, the show promises a fusion of classic tunes performed by an exceptional ensemble. Gary Walters weaves magical harmonies on the piano, Chelsea Hughey shows off her rhythmic prowess on the drums, Thomas Brinkley richly anchors on the bass and Mike Stricklin breathes soulful melodies on the saxophone. The evening will be further blessed by the appearances of Mitzi Westra, Elizabeth Enderle, and Brooklyn Harpold, promising a night filled with beautiful melodies and tight quartet harmonies. “Erin Benedict plays well with others!” is a harmonious journey through beloved classics, where each artist’s unique talents unite to create an unforgettable experience for music enthusiasts.