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Renovations underway on Good Hall main entrance

The oldest and most iconic building on the University of Indianapolis campus is getting a facelift. 

The front entrance to Good Hall, which has been cordoned off for the past term, is undergoing a restoration process that began in June and will continue through 2018. Renovation plans include refurbishing the building’s two-story portico and six columns at the main entrance. The campus landmark will also receive structural renovations to transform Good Hall into a learning environment that is more aligned with the needs of today’s students.

Plans include removing the front entrance, restoring the pieces and then putting them back into place. The columns will be replaced. Good Hall has received upgrades to its electrical and HVAC systems over the past two years. 

Some of the architectural pieces that project managers hope to preserve are the dentil molding (the evenly spaced blocks above the frieze), the cornice brackets above the molding and the ionic capitals, which are the decorative scrolls located at the top of each column.

“All of these pieces have been carefully removed, catalogued and are currently being stored off campus,” said Dustin Bodart, the University’s director of grounds.

Bodart explained that the restoration process will include an inspection of all pieces removed from the building. The pieces that are deemed suitable to be reused will undergo restoration. The paint, rust or corrosion will be removed by a glass-bead blasting process to ensure that all pieces will be cleaned with no damage to the metal itself.

The restored pieces will be used to match the new trim or replace any pieces that are beyond repair to create a seamless replacement, Bodart said.

About Good Hall

Built in 1904, Good Hall was the University’s first and only structure for about 18 years. It was named after UIndy’s third president, I.J. Good, and was home to the first University president, Rev. John Roberts. Good Hall has served as an administrative and academic building, library and chapel over the years. The building is currently home to the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences, with the History & Political Science, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Departments housed there. Good Hall holds a special place in the hearts of University alumni, students and faculty, and it has become a landmark on the Indianapolis south side whose continuing presence reinforces the University’s reputation as an important community anchor.

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