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University statement on Charlottesville campus violence

University of Indianapolis seal

Dear University Community:

The concerning incidents and loss of life in Charlottesville over the weekend are tragic reminders that the divisions created by hatred, discrimination and bigotry affect us all. The escalating violence is a critical moment to reaffirm that the University of Indianapolis does not tolerate any form of hatred, racism, white supremacy, neo- nazism or bigotry.

The University of Indianapolis joins a large group of other universities across the nation speaking out about this wave of intolerance and violence. The concerns that arise during these challenging times cause us to reflect on our University values founded in the tenets of inclusivity, hospitality, mutual respect and honest, open discussions. Our University has a long tradition of engaging with each other when critical social issues arise that affect us all. We intend to continue that tradition, and we call on the entire campus community to join us in this endeavor.

Our community values free speech and peaceful assembly. We are committed to ensuring that diverse viewpoints find comfort in the debate that occurs on campus. We are also committed to ensuring that acts of violence, racism, hatred and bigotry by white supremacists and other groups do not find a home in our community. We are saddened by their existence and want to be clear that they have no place in our society–certainly not in our University community.

As we prepare for the new academic year, let us continue our long-standing tradition of engaging with these complex, concerning issues and connecting with each other. Let us strive to live our values of inclusivity and mutual respect while embracing diversity of thought in a safe and welcoming environment.

Continuing our tradition of connecting our community through campus conversations, we will host our first event at noon, Tuesday, Aug., 29, 2017, in UIndy Hall B and C (watch for an invitation to RSVP soon). This event will be hosted by the Office of the President, The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Inclusion and Equity.

Understanding that the beginning of the year is a busy time for all of us, we also want to make you aware of our University resources that you can take advantage of should you need to:

  • The Office of Student Affairs – Schwitzer 210 (788-3530)

  • The Office of Equity and Inclusion – Schwitzer 201 – (788-5764)

  • Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs – Schwitzer 203  – (788-2106)

  • Health, Wellness & Counseling Center – Health Pavilion 108 – (497-6500)

  • International Services – Schwitzer 208 – (317) 788-2192

  • Public Safety (a resource to anonymously report concerns)

  • Policies (The University’s handbooks outline student, faculty and staff policies)

Student Affairs

Human Resources Handbook.pdf

  • The Greyhound Expressions Wall (located in the first floor of the Krannert Memorial Library) provides an opportunity to share your thoughts, questions and concerns about the most challenging issues of our day.

We look forward to seeing you all on campus soon, and to the new term that is about to start.


Robert L. Manuel

Sean Huddleston
Vice President, Equity and Inclusion

Kory Vitangeli
Vice President, Student and Campus Affairs & Dean of Students