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One on one with Braylen Morgan ’18

braylenmorganBraylen Morgan ’18 (communications with electronic media concentration) already has two positions lined up following graduation as he pursues a career in the broadcasting industry.

Q. What’s next after graduation?

A. For now, I just accepted a full time position with Fox 59 as Master Control Operator, and a part-time position with Emmis Communications as Promotions Assistant. I plan to stay in Indianapolis after graduation to gain more experience in the field, and then I will be moving out of the Midwest to pursue a career in the TV and Entertainment industry.

Q. How did your experiences at UIndy prepare you for your career?

A. Coming in as a freshman, ProEdge has always been there for me throughout my whole collegiate career. I worked for them my first year at UIndy and right off the bat they helped me build professional skills that I will always be able to utilize. Not only that, they helped me learn how to build my resume and make it stand out.

ResLife has also been a major part of my time here. They have helped me to become a better leader with being an RA/GVA for the past three years. Without them I wouldn’t have built the lifelong relationships that I have here at UIndy. Being an RA taught me how to professionally deal with difficult situations and how to really manage my time. I can’t thank ResLife enough for what they have done for me and I will miss them all so much.

Lastly, the Communication Department has prepared and helped me gain the experience that I will need post-graduation. Thanks to them I was able to get a position in the TV industry. Not a lot of schools let you get such hands-on experience at such an early time in college. My last year here I was able to become the Director of Production for the TV Department, which was a rewarding responsibility in many ways whether it’s becoming a leader, teacher, and continuing to learn anything I can in our field.

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Q. Has there been anyone at UIndy who has mentored or helped you?

A. People that have helped me: I have to thank Anthony Jackson who will be graduating with his master’s this upcoming graduation. He was one of the first people to make me love UIndy. He was my RA in Cory Bretz my first year, and was always so encouraging to get me engaged with campus life. He was also the one that pushed for me to become an RA and I can’t thank him enough and am happy to call him one of my best friends.

Thanks should also be given to Timeshia Keys and Ayla Wilder for being two strong figures/mentors/bosses I’ve looked up to during my time here. They’ve helped me in ways they probably don’t even know about. Thank you to Dr. Koehn of the Communication Department for always pushing me and believing in me more than I believe in myself. Thank you to my class, UIndy, friends, for always being so supportive and keeping me on track while being here.

Q. Any advice for incoming freshmen?

A. Do as much as you can and take as many opportunities that you can handle. Get involved early! Have fun, don’t take everything too seriously. Be able to accept and adapt to change. You may find that you no longer want to do what you thought with your career or major and that is okay! Get a supportive friend group that can keep you sane when things get hectic. Get to know UIndy faculty. GO TO PRO EDGE.

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give would be to please, please, please, take care of your mental health. Take me time and don’t over stress about school. Definitely get to know your RAs and use them as a resource!