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Krista Latham, Alyson O’Daniel and Justin Maiers publish book chapter

Massacres cover

Two University of Indianapolis faculty and an alumnus were co-authors on a book chapter. Krista Latham, associate professor of forensic anthropology and biology, Alyson O’Daniel, associate professor of anthropology and Justin Maiers ’17 (M.S., human biology) contributed a chapter entitled, “Migrant Death and Identification: Theory, Science, and Sociopolitics,” in Massacres: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Approaches” published by the University Press of Florida.

Latham describes the chapter:

“In this chapter, we discuss the migrant death crisis in Brooks County, Texas, and explore the sociopolitical conditions shaping realities of and responses to this mass death scenario. Within that, we broadly consider the importance of sociocultural theory for forensic science as practiced in this setting. Why has migrant death reached crisis proportions in Texas? What is the role of forensic science in this setting? How can attention to sociocultural theory and context better prepare forensic scientists to apply their work under conditions of mass death? This chapter considers these questions by tracing sociopolitical conditions and practical complexities of migrant death and identification in the Texas border region.”     

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