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End of year technology purchases


In preparation for the end of the fiscal year and to comply with Accounting’s procedures, we would like to inform you of the FY19 deadline for all technology purchases:

  • All items must be physically received on campus and invoiced by June 30th in order to be paid out of the current fiscal year.

  • To allow sufficient time for processing and delivery, all technology requests for purchases must be submitted to by Thursday, May 30, 2019.

  • Any requests received after May 30th will be held until July 8th and processed in FY20.

  • Technology purchases must be made by IT, regardless of the funding source, unless listed in the Technology Purchasing guidelines.

  • All technology purchases must be approved by a department head.

  • Faculty Development Funds cannot be used to purchase hardware or software.  Please refer to the Faculty Handbook, pg 64.

Contact Michelle Duman with questions.