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Campus Heritage Walks & Talks: 2019-2020

Campus Heritage Walks and Talks Banner

Offered by the Office of University Mission

Scheduled for 4th Fridays (after first date) September through April 2019
Boldface dates are Campus Heritage Talks; otherwise walking tour
All sessions to take place during the lunch hour (12 noon to 1 p.m.)
Locations will vary as listed below.

9/13 Talk #1: Intro to Campus Heritage Storytelling Programs: 2019-2020 Year 
“Placemaking at the Corner of Otterbein & Hanna: Then & Now”
Location:  KML 220
Leader:  Michael G. Cartwright
Resources:  Campus Designs Past & Present – Brochure #5: 1920s, 1990s

9/27 Walking & Talking:  Part I   “The Campus of Esch Years – 1950s & 1960s”
Tour begins on the North side of Hanna Avenue outside Schwitzer Center
Leader:  Michael G. Cartwright
Resources:  Campus Heritage Brochure #3 – 1950s & 1960s

10/25 Walking & Talking: Part II “The United Brethren Campus – 1904-1914” Tour begins at the “Founders Rock” on South Side of Hanna outside Good Hall
Leader:  Michael G. Cartwright
Resources:  Campus Heritage Brochure #1 – The First Decade: 1904-1914

11/22 Talk #2: “Campus Imaginations: Creating the University through Its Spaces.”
Location: KML 220 Faculty Design Studio
Leader: Dr. Molly Martin, Professor of English
Resource:  Campus Designs Past & Present – new brochure: 1920s v. 1990s

1/24 Walking & Talking: Part III “The Campus that Good Built–1920s & 1930s”
Tour begins at the Southeastern Corner of Matthews and Windermere
Leader:  Michael G. Cartwright
Resources:  Campus Heritage Brochure #2 – 1920s & 1930s

2/28  Talk #3:  “The Athletics Campus – Then & Now”
Leader(s):  TBA
Location: Ruth Lilly –TBA
Resources:  TBA 

3/27 Walking & Talking: Part IV “The Campus of Sease Years – 1970s & 1980s”
Tour begins on the North Side of Hanna adjacent to the university sign
Leader:  Michael G. Cartwright
Resources: Campus Heritage Brochure #4 –1970s & 1980s

4/24  The Campus of 2020:  Part V   “Looking Beyond the Parts to See the Whole”
Tour Begins Outside Krannert Memorial Library
Leader(s):  Michael G. Cartwright and Neil Perdue
Resources: 2018 Campus Heritage Map created by Randi Frye

5/15   Talk #4:“Infinite Campus” Mural:  Campus Placemaking & Letterpress Studio
Location:  TBA Second floor of the library & KML 220 Faculty Design Studio
Leader:  Katherine Fries, Assist. Prof. of Art & Design
Resources:  TBA


There are three recognitions UIndy employees may receive for participating:

  1. If UIndy employee(s) attends the 5 campus walks, they will get a special edition commemorative mug made by one of UIndy’s pottery/ceramics students. 
  2. If UIndy employee(s) attends at least 7 of the 9 sessions (the 5 walks and 2 of the talks), they will get a certificate of recognition from the Office of University Mission along with a commemorative mug made by one of UIndy’s pottery ceramic students. 
  3. And if UIndy employees are training to be one of the university’s “campus heritage interpreters” * (and therefore plan to attend all or most of the campus heritage walks), they will receive the hearty thanks of all those people who will go on their special-focus tours (for Alumni Engagement, Admissions, etc.) in the future in addition to the certificate of recognition and a commemorative pottery mug.

Related Opportunity that will take place during the Fall Semester (2019):

9/19/19  SHOWERS LECTURES – University Series “Pressing Forward/Pressing On”
Dr. Jennifer Craft, Assoc. Professor of Theology & the Humanities, Point Univ.
Author of Placemaking & the Arts: Cultivating the Christian Life (2018).
Lecture Title:  “Placemaking and the Arts: A 21st Century Challenge for Christians and their Neighbors”
Response to the 4:00 p.m. presentation–Location McCleary Chapel
Assoc. Prof. Kevin McKelvey (Social Practices Art)
Response to the 7:30 presentation –Location TBA – Blue Law Room, KML
Assist. Prof. Katherine Fries (Art & Design, Painting and Printmaking)

* Please Note:  Persons may be commissioned to serve as a Campus Interpreter for a particular department or school or college of the university. The Office of University Mission will assist with the training as well as provide the necessary resources to help shape the tour design in a way that serves the interests of the audience(s) – Alumni Engagement, Admissions, Ecumenical & Interfaith Programs, etc. – for which the tour is intended.