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University of Indianapolis hosts Indiana State Math Contest April 28

INDIANAPOLIS – With calculators in hand, dozens of middle and high school students will compete in the Indiana State Math Contest on the University of Indianapolis campus Saturday, April 28, 2018. Students will take exams in the morning, followed by lunch in the Health Pavilion and an awards ceremony at noon. The Department of Mathematical Sciences and the School of Education are co-hosting the event.

The University of Indianapolis, which is hosting the annual contest for the first time, is one of 12 host sites throughout the state. The Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics organizes the contest, which has been approved by the Division of School Activities and the Indiana Association of School Principals. Students from Hamilton Southeastern High School, Fishers High School and Roncalli High School will be participating at the University of Indianapolis host site.

The tests focus on mathematical problem-solving, including pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and comprehensive. The contest is open to any middle school, junior or senior high school student in the State of Indiana.

“This is an exciting way for UIndy to be involved in the greater mathematical community in Indiana,” said Livia Hummel, interim associate chair and associate professor of mathematics.

Learn about the mathematical sciences program at the University of Indianapolis.

Clayton Roan, mathematics instructor, was keen to bring this type of event to the University to increase the department’s community engagement.

“We’re excited to host this competition to celebrate and showcase students with academic talents in mathematics from these schools,” Roan said. “We’re also excited to expose them to our campus, to interact with them and their math team sponsors, and to provide an experience that may inspire students to consider UIndy as a college choice and/or a career in the mathematical sciences,” Roan said.

Hummel added, “With the groundwork Dr. Roan has laid this year, we hope to be able to attract additional students from other schools in coming years.”

The top three students in each category will be honored with certificates during the noon ceremony. Students scoring 75% or better receive scholar certificates. The top scorers from all sites combined are recognized by the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics at a Final Awards Ceremony at 1:00 p.m., June 15th, 2018, in the Atrium of the Indiana Statehouse.