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Student-athlete Brody Conner reflects on building skills to last a lifetime

Brody Conner

From an Academic All-American to achieving degrees from the School of Business at the undergraduate and graduate level, Brody Conner ’19 (finance) ’20 (MBA) says the University of Indianapolis has broadened his horizons for what is possible.

“I came from a very small town [Paw Paw, Michigan], which makes the world seem so elementary and set in stone. But coming to UIndy has opened my eyes through the sheer number of different people I have met, learning their perspectives on life, and how their journeys brought them to UIndy as well,” Conner reflected. 

Brody Conner is a five-year member of the Greyhounds wrestling program.
Brody Conner is a five-year member of the Greyhounds wrestling program.

A five-year member of the UIndy wrestling program, Conner is a three-time NCAA Division II National Qualifier, a three-time NCAA Elite 90 Finalist and an Academic All-American (only the second student-athlete in program history to achieve that title) with 92 career wins.

“Wrestling showed me how discipline in all aspects of life gets you to achieve your personal highest potential possible,” Conner said. “It also taught me how complete dedication to one thing can pay off in dividends.” 

Conner credits faculty including Matt Will, associate professor of finance, for pushing him to achieve his best.

“Dr. Will has continued to blow my mind in every class I had him in. Although he is a tough cookie, he is the best business professor on campus by a landslide, and getting on his good side (through grades and club participation) will pay off in dividends for you,” he said.

In addition to the wrestling team, Conner also led two Christian groups during his time at UIndy, the Community Group and FCA.

“My faith activities grounded me upon a rock stronger than my comprehension and will continue to drive me farther than anything I thought possible,” Conner said.

Conner has gained plenty of hands-on experience as a student at UIndy. He runs his own landscaping company, Growth Scapes LLC, and has done several internships with Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in Indianapolis.

“DFAS taught me that you get out of life what you put out there, if you want to work hard and make something of yourself, you will do it. My landscaping company has taught me about relationships and problem-solving. If it weren’t for my two partners, Luke Kriech and Brian Wagner, I would not have a company to talk about. They are fantastic guys who I am excited to work with every day, and believe in their ability to help this company achieve great heights!”

After graduating, Conner plans to continue his landscaping business while working at DFAS as a financial manager. His long-term goals including building his own company, joining the FBI, investing in real estate, and starting a gym. 

“I had a very enjoyable experience in the business program here at UIndy. The classes Dr. Will taught helped prepare me for anything in the world of finance and beyond,” Conner said. “I learned how to really research and think through problems, and that skill has equipped me to feel like I can handle any issue life throws at me.”

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