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Katie Greenan has manuscripts and chapter proposal accepted for publication

Dr. Katie Greenan, assistant professor of communication, recently had a manuscript accepted to Central States Communication Association’s ‘Great Ideas for Teaching’ 2021 Inspire Convention. Manuscript titled, “Inspiring ‘Refrigerator Rights’ Relationships.”

She had another manuscript accepted for publication in Frontiers in Communication – Culture and Communication, entitledCultural Changes in Instructional Practices Due to COVID-19.”

Greenan also recently had a chapter proposal accepted in new book called, Contemporary Trends in Conflict and Communication: Technology and Social Media. Chapter will be published in the section of the book titled, “Using technology to promote dialogue and collaboration. ”

When Dr. Greenan wasn’t busy writing she was serving as peer reviewer for Central States Communication Association, reviewing Teaching Ain’t What It Used To Be: Inspiring Innovations, published by CSCA’s Communication Education Interest Group.