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UIndy Exercise Science Students, Faculty to Present Research

The UIndy Exercise Science Program had six student research presentations and two faculty lectures accepted to present at the upcoming Midwest Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (MWACSM) Annual Meeting. The MWACSM Annual Meeting is a professional regional (OH, IN, IL, IA, WI, MI) meeting that will be held virtually on November 4-6, 2021. The UIndy Exercise Science Program had the most accepted student research presentations compared to any other university in the region. Here is a list of the presentations and lectures that will be provided by the UIndy Exercise Science Program:

Student Presentations

1) Baker K*, Eckert NR, Long GM, Cayot TE. Validity and reliability of using individualized occlusion pressures for non-invasive assessment of mitochondrial function. Student Slide Presentation.

*Undergraduate Exercise Science Student

2) Mumaugh J*, Joyce S#, Robinson R, Cayot TE, Long GM. Acute-chronic workloads and injury risk in professional soccer players. Student Slide Presentation.

*Undergraduate Exercise Science Student 

#Collaboration With Indy Eleven Professional Soccer Club

3) Stafford LH**, Irvine S**, Wood B**, Denmeade E**, Matthews J**, Silvers JT**, Banks J**, Franz J**, Lashley M**, Graham M**, Webber N**, Johnson S**, Baskin S**, Bryan A**, Cayot TE, Eckert N, Long G, Mayol MH, Reagan B, Robinson R, Klika RJ. Investigating the impact of COVID-19 on perceived stress levels of division II student-athletes. Student Slide Presentation. 

**Graduate Exercise Science Student

Collaboration With UIndy Athletics Department

4) Williams M**, Cayot TE, Gerlach B~, Gaven SL#, Mayol MH. Differences in motivation sources over time in division II student-athletes undergoing anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation

**Graduate Exercise Science Student

#Collaboration with UIndy Athletic Training Department 

~Collaboration with UIndy Sports Medicine Department

5) Woodrow J**, Hayes J**, Franz J**, Robinson R, Cayot TE, Long GM. Differences in preseason fitness testing, workloads and playing time in male collegiate soccer players.

**Graduate Exercise Science Students 

Collaboration With UIndy Men’s Soccer Club

6) Yates S*, Baker K*, Cayot TE. Is the microvascular oxygenation recovery response following isometric contractions related to handgrip muscle endurance? Student Slide Presentation. 

*Undergraduate Exercise Science Student

Faculty Presentations

1) Cayot TE#, Lauver JD. Practical applications on near-infrared spectroscopy in sports science. Symposium Presentation.

#UIndy Exercise Science Faculty Member

2) Reagan B#. Sport nutrition – new pathways to becoming a registered dietitian for ACSM professionals. Symposium Presentation.

#UIndy Exercise Science Faculty Member

For those interested, the student research presentations have been pre-recorded and are available to view on the UIndy Exercise Science Research website (“Human Performance Lab Research” link from the UIndy Exercise Science website) or by clicking here