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Internal news submission

Submission Guidelines

University of Indianapolis faculty and staff members are encouraged to submit announcements to be shared with the campus community. You should involve your liaison with the Communications and Marketing team regarding the submission and obtain approval from department/school leadership before submitting.

How to submit

intercom_submit-17Submit electronically by completing this online form

The Communications & Marketing team reserves the right to edit all submissions for content, grammar, punctuation, format and adherence to University of Indianapolis branding and style guidelines. Submissions that require significant edits will be sent back to you for approval before posting.

Internal News Submissions Criteria

Internal news submissions will be selected for inclusion on the basis of overall interest to internal faculty and staff audiences, appropriateness of the medium and timeline.

Event Submissions Criteria

Events must meet the following criteria to be considered for possible inclusion:

  • Events must be open to faculty and staff for free or at a low cost.
  • Events located on campus will take preference over off-campus events.
  • Events must be of particular interest to the majority of faculty and staff.

Event announcements will be posted starting two weeks prior to the event with the exception of events with RSVP deadlines, events that have a sell-out risk and major University-wide events. Submissions to Intercom should also be submitted to the general University event calendar.


All internal news announcements must be submitted by Friday at noon for possible inclusion in the following week’s communications and messaging. If Friday or the following Monday is a holiday, submissions are due by Thursday at noon. Featured stories, spotlights and other content will be updated on the 15th of each Month and must be submitted by the 10th to guarantee inclusion on the site.

Contact with any questions.