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Sociology faculty and students present research at national conferences

Jim Pennell, professor of sociology, gave a presentation, “Selectively Local: Why Restaurants and Bars Sell Local Beers but Reject Local Wines” at the Southern Sociological Society, April 4-7, New Orleans, Louisiana. This area of exploration goes beyond his book Local Vino: The Winery Boom in the Heartland (2017, Univ. of Illinois).

Tim Maher, professor of sociology, Matthew Byrd ’18 (masters in applied sociology) and Megan Lalioff ’18 (masters in applied sociology) presented “Toxic Re-branding: Contaminated Communities in the Age of Gentrification.” Angie Calvert ’18 (masters in applied sociology) presented “The Role of Marketing and Public Relations in Gentrification.”

Amanda Miller, sociology chair, presented a research paper “Has the Gender Revolution Stalled? A Decomposition Analysis of Change in the Division of Household Labor” with her group at the Population Association of America conference in Denver, Colorado, on April 25. The research focuses on how the shares of couple who take on particular divisions of labor has changed over time.

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