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Final grading for first summer session open through July 3

Final grading for the first summer session is now open and available.  The final grading deadline is the close of the day on Tuesday July 3rd.

GRADING AVAILABILITY: Final grading for the first seven week summer session is now open on UIndy Self-Service. The system is 24/7, so you can grade early or late in the day and enter and exit the system as many times as you wish. Each time that you save, whatever grade you have entered will be posted. Please be aware that there are many unique sessions of varying length during summer terms. As a general rule, grades are due on the Tuesday following the end of each session. Check course dates for specific information.

HOW TO ENTER FINAL GRADES: An update to the Banner student information system during the 2017-2018 academic year brings a new look and feel to final grade entry.  While we are hopeful that you will find this new look and feel easy to use, the Office of the Registrar has created the attached documentation with screen shots and step-by-step grade entry instructions.

INCOMPLETE GRADES: You may enter an IN on the final grading page, however, please fill out and turn in an Incomplete Grade Contract to the Office of the Registrar.  An IN should only be used for students, who, due to extreme circumstances such as severe illness, are unable to complete the requirements of your course. The maximum limit for completing an incomplete is six months. Any outstanding IN grades six months after the end of a term will be changed to Fs.

LAST DATE OF ATTENDANCE: If a student is to receive an F, you must submit a LAST ATTEND DATE in the provided column. Please enter the last date you have on record for that student’s attendance in the LAST ATTEND DATE column (MM/DD/YYYY format). You will get an error message if you enter an F without the last date of attendance, and your grades will not be submitted. Please note that you are not required to enter the Last Date of Attendance for any students besides those who have earned an F.

FN GRADES: The FN grade should be used for students who receive an F in your course for non-attendance (this means that they never attended, not even once!). An FN grade does not require a last date of attendance to be entered.

And, finally, please remember that grades are due by the end of the day on Tuesday, July 3rd.