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Etchings marks 30th anniversary with double issue


Celebrating the 30th birthday of Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine, students in ENGL 379 produced two magazines (including a retrospective, double issue in April), which highlight new and past talent. Student editors reached out to over 400 alumni and were pleased to print Issue 30.2, which included many updated biographies of the writers, artists, and staff who’ve made Etchings an exceptional publication and community. In April, students, alumni, faculty and staff enjoyed the UIndy Day Celebration launch party. A digital archive of the magazine will be hosted by Krannert Memorial Library Fall 2018.

This year, Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine was recognized by the Indiana Collegiate Press Association 2018 Awards. The magazine won second place for “Literary Magazine of the Year:”

  • The staff of 29.2 included Gabbie Brown ’17 (English), Kylie Seitz ’19 (English), Alexis Stella ’19 (English), & Zach Swaim ’19 (English). Advisor: Kevin McKelvey, associate professor of English. (Vol. 29.2) also received third place in the “Best Single Issue category.”

  • Staff of 30.1 included: Kylie Seitz ’19 (English), Spencer Martin ’18, Jimmy Nelligan ’18, Shauna Sartoris ’20 (English), Sara Perkins ’20 (English), Paige Stratton ’18, Jessica Marvel ’20 (English), Duncan Weir ’20 (English), Kate Watts ’18 (English, literary studies concentration). Advisor: Liz Whiteacre, assistant professor of English).

Mercadees Hempel ’17: first place, ICPA “Best Flash Fiction” for “A Million Epitaphs” and first place, ICPA “Best Short Story” for “Wake.”

Reagan Moorman ’18 (pre-art therapy): second place, ICPA “Best Hand-Drawn Illustration” for “Open Packages.”

Alexandra Myers (Psy.D): second place, ICPA “Best Artwork” for “Up & Away.”

Noel Wolfe ’21: first place, ICPA “Best Free Verse Poem” for “A Requiem to Family.”