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Briyana Morrell, other faculty publish interprofessional research

Briyana Morrell

Briyana Morrell, assistant professor of nursing, published four research papers recently. The research involves University of Indianapolis faculty co-authors from several disciplines:

Morrell, B. L., Carmack, J. N. Kemery, S. R., Moore, E.S., Nichols, A. M., Voll, C. A., Hetzler, K. E., Toon, J., Moore, S. M., (In Press). “Emergency on campus!: Quantitative analysis of the effects of an interprofessional simulation on healthcare students.” Athletic Training Education Journal.

Kemery, S. M., & Morrell, B. L. (In Press). “Differences in psychomotor skills teaching and evaluation practices in undergraduate nursing programs.” Nursing Education Perspectives.

Morrell, B. L., Nichols, A. M., Voll, C. A., Hetzler, K. E., Toon, J., Moore, E. S., Moore, S. M., Kemery, S. R., Carmack, J. N. (In Press). “Care across campus: Athletic training, nursing, and occupational therapy student experiences in an interprofessional simulation.” Athletic Training Education Journal.

Morrell, B. L., & Ball, H. (In Press) “Can you escape nursing school?: Educational escape room in nursing education.” Nursing Education Perspectives.