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Campus mail reminders

  • When using the Inter-Department envelopes please print clearly the name of the person and the department that it is going to.
  • When sending out any mail that needs to be metered please put the account number on the mail by either a post-it or by writing in pencil on the envelope or box.
  • If you are an employee of the University, your address is 1400 E Hanna Ave. please do not use any addresses that may be posted on the outside of the building. These addresses are for first responders to be able to locate buildings in case of an emergency (or for pizza delivery).
  • The BMO does not pick-up UPS of FedEx packages. A UPS drop box is located in SCHW student center at the north entrance next to the student mailroom. FedEx may be taken over to the physical plant but must be going out as a normal delivery. No next-day or express.
Please contact Ked Ramer with questions: 317-788-3278 or