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2019 InQuery Collaborative Grant Awards

On behalf of the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs and the Internal Grants Committee, congratulations to recipients of grant awards from the 2019 InQuery Collaborative Grant Program:
Dr. Trent Cayot (Kinesiology, Health, & Sport Sciences) and Dr. Stacey Gaven (Athletic Training)
Microvascular Oxygenation Response to Eccentrically Damaged Skeletal Muscle

Dr. Jessica Jochum (Athletic Training) and Dr. Ed Jones (Physical Therapy)
Learn with Me:  The Perceived Benefit of Collaborative Interprofessional Research Groups in Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Dr. Katie Polo (Occupational Therapy)
Integrating an Occupational Therapy Health & Wellness Program into an Existing Cancer Support Community

Dr. Md Rashedul H Sarker (Mechanical Engineering) and Dr. Najmus Saqib (Mechanical Engineering)
Design and Construction of an Experimental Setup for Science and Engineering Mechanics

Dr. Jordan Sparks Waldron (Psychology)
Law Enforcement Community’s Attributions of Responsibility for Crimes Committed Under the Influence of Drugs

In September 2004, the Lilly Endowment, Inc. awarded the University a grant to support InQuery Collaborative: Growing Indiana’s Intellectual Capital.  The InQuery Collaborative Grant Program was established later that year and issued its inaugural round of grants.  Fifteen years later the program continues to support faculty in the development of scholarship, including scholarly collaboration between faculty and students; between faculty disciplines; and applied research within community interests, local industry, and the university.  

For more information on this and other internal grant programs,  external grant opportunities, as well as a variety of other resources, find us online at the Office of Grants & Sponsored Programs.