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UIndy Exercise Science Program Updates

After review by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the University of Indianapolis’ Exercise Science program was recognized as a strength and conditioning program through the Education Recognition Program (ERP). This recognition is valid for three years. NSCA ERP School List
Nine research abstracts were accepted to present at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) National Meeting in May-June 2020. Six UIndy students and six UIndy Exercise Science faculty members were authors/co-authors on the accepted abstracts (UIndy contributors bolded).
· Lawson D, Pursley E, Smith N, Voth K, Cayot TEEstimation of the ventilatory threshold using wireless near-infrared spectroscopy and distance maximum analysis.
· Long GM, Frump A, Troutman A, Mailand M, Ellis K, Fisher A, Avin K, Lahm T, Coggan AR, Brown M. Dietary nitrate does not increase exercising muscle blood flow in rat with pulmonary arterial hypertension. 
· Yamada Y, Kasprzak R, Mathew A, Shotton S, Miller-Brown A, Cayot TE, Thistlethwaite J. Acute effects of practical blood flow restriction on knee proprioception during low intensity aerobic exercise.
· Mayol M, Dobersek U, Beekley MD. Differences in wellness levels between Division II athletes’ completion/non-completion history of a college wellness course.
· Reagan BP, Parkes C, Klika R, Eckert N. Nutrition knowledge and self-reported confidence in that knowledge among division II athletes.
· Kelly NB, Halsey DM, Keith NR, Sajdyk TJ, Ballinger TJ, Renbarger JL, Urtel M, Klika R. Increases in muscular strength do not correlate with improvements in fatigue severity in cancer survivors.
· Halsey DM, Kelly NB, Keith NR, Renbarger JL, Ballinger TJ, Urtel M, Klika RJ. Impact of one on one 12 week individualized exercise program on cancer related fatigue and functional capacity.
· Herbert BE, Cayot TE, Klika RJ. Microvascular oxygenation response during paddling graded exercise test in breast cancer survivor dragon boat racers.
· Sherman MM, Renbarger J, Sajdyk TJ, Ballinger T, Halsey DM, Klika R, Kelly N, Keith NR, Urtel MG. A feasibility study: self-efficacy amongst cancer survivors in a 12-week individualized exercise intervention.