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UIndy Police Department, IT Announce Upgrades to Campus Security Cameras

UIndy campus aerial

As part of the University’s continued efforts to improve and modernize our campus safety initiatives, we proudly announce upgrades to our exterior campus security camera system. 

Beginning Monday, May 15, the UIndy Police Department, in collaboration with UIndy IT, will be replacing the existing parking lot camera system with upgraded Flock Safety security cameras. A total of 23 cameras will be installed in strategic outdoor locations across campus to provide a more robust campus safety solution. The Flock Safety cameras will work in tandem with the already-existing camera network on campus. 

During the installation on Monday, May 15, there will be increased traffic across campus, including the presence of flatbed trucks and other equipment. Please be patient and use caution when navigating campus during this time. The installation should be completed, and traffic should return to normal patterns, by the end of the day.  

The new Flock Safety cameras offer a number of benefits including providing UIPD officers with additional information and search features to effectively address campus safety concerns as well as modernizing the University’s campus safety technology. Flock Safety also has agreements with hundreds of law enforcement agencies, including local agencies, and their camera solutions have been shown to both deter and solve crime in many areas across the country.  

While there is no single, simple solution to campus safety at any college or university, the installation of new Flock Safety cameras is a significant improvement upon UIndy’s existing security capabilities and technology. UIndy will continue to research and implement modern campus safety solutions to provide a safe and healthy environment for its students, faculty, staff, and guests. 

If you have any questions about campus safety, please contact