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Dr. Krystina K. Leganza Publishes Children’s Book to Make Math Fun

Cover of M is for Math

Dr. Krystina K. Leganza, Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Indianapolis, has published her first children’s book, titled M is for Math. A lot of children struggle when learning math and the concepts that go along with it, so Dr. Leganza has been working to make these ideas more palatable to children and more interesting as well. 

M is for Math is a mathematical journey through the alphabet for young children (and the young at heart!). The book contains delightful illustrations by Lauren Staser which make the whimsical sentences come to life. In each sentence, the animal (which is the subject of the sentence), the verb, and the math term begin with the same letter.  For example, “The hare hopped happily along the hypotenuse.”  

Dr. Leganza said, “A few of my earliest memories are doing math problems with my dad as a preschooler. He made math so much fun. I want all children from a young age to realize and appreciate that math is fun and that there is so much more to math than numbers.”