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Lauren Nielson–Honors Recital/Presentation

Photo of violinist Lauren Nielsen

This event has ended

Lauren Nielson–Honors Recital/Presentation

This recital serves as a culmination of Lauren Nielson’s honors project: “Violin Finishing: A Comparison of the Perception of Amateur and Professional Luthiery.” The purpose of this project is to learn the skills required of a luthier to varnish and set up a violin as well as to study the effects that these procedures have on a finished instrument. This information will then be compared to an audience’s preferences between the amateur-made instrument and a professionally made instrument. Lauren has spent the last several months researching violin-making and then varnishing/setting up a white violin to be used in this research. As a part of this recital, you will be asked to fill out a survey about your preferences between the violins performed. The survey is not mandatory; you may attend the recital without responding. This research was approved by the IRB on 10/12/23 with approval number 01918.

This concert will also be streamed live at