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Etchings Press makes podcast debut; new collaboration with Hullabaloo Press

Lee Broadside

Etchings Press, the University of Indianapolis student-run publisher, announced in March the debut of a new podcast series, UIndy’s Potluck Podcasts. The podcasts feature interviews with the winners of the 2018 Etchings Press annual Whirling Prize, Communiversity participants and guests of the Kellogg Writers Series. Several students contributed to the Whirling Prize judging process, podcasts and promotional posters, with more podcasts to be released during the spring 2019 semester.

The podcast project was facilitated by Liz Whiteacre, assistant professor of English and Etchings Press advisor. Several art & design students contributed to the broadsides (printed posters), with the project facilitated by Katherine Fries, assistant professor of art & design and program director for Hullabaloo Press, UIndy’s printmaking studio. Prints are available for purchase.

Mira T. Lee received the 2018 Whirling Prize in Prose for her novel “Everything Here Is Beautiful.” Listen to UIndy’s Potluck Podcast featuring Lee here.

Contributing to Lee’s podcast were the following:

Erin Pool ’19 (nursing major, psychology minor) is a resident assistant on campus at UIndy and at IU Health’s Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.

Jessica Marvel ’20 (creative writing major, studio art minor) has both been published in and worked on the Etching Literary and Fine Arts Magazine. She is currently working on a graphic novel and other projects.

Also assisting with research and preparation:

Riley Childers ’20 (professional writing major, digital photography minor) is not only a judge for Etchings Whirling Prize, but also a staff member of Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine.

Shauna Sartoris ’20 (creative and professional writing double major, literary studies minor) writes poetry and creative nonfiction and has been published in Z Publishing House’s 2018 Anthology Indiana’s Best Emerging Poets and Butler University’s Manuscripts Literary Magazine. In addition to her work with the Etchings Whirling Prize, Sartoris is also on staff for the Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine.

The following art & design students worked on the Mira Lee poster (pictured above):

Kalia Daily ’20 (M.A., printmaking and painting) ’18 (studio art major, art history minor) was the first UIndy student to graduate with a concentration in printmaking from the studio art program. She has produced commissioned letterpress work for the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library and was the recipient of a Caxton Club Grant and a Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum Scholarship.

Rachel West ’20 (studio art/printmaking major and art history minor) is currently working on the InQuery grant-funded Peat Project, a partnership with David Peat to catalog over 4,000 fonts in David Peat’s collection for dissemination and completion of his “One Line Specimen Book.”

Christine Stewart-Nunez broadside poster

Christine Stewart-Nunez was awarded the 2018 Whirling Prize in Poetry for her collection “Bluewords Greening.” Listen to her interview here.

The following students contributed to the podcast production:

Tayah Eakle ’20 (creative and professional writing) plans to pursue a career in editing and publishing. This year, she served as a judge for the Whirling Prize and a staff member of both the Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine and the Kellogg Writers Series.

Sara Perkins ’20 (professional writing major, creative writing minor) has been published in Indiana’s Best Emerging Poets, Young Adult Review Network, Indiana Review Online, and elsewhere. She is also an editor of Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine and a writer for Study Breaks Magazine.

Kara Wagoner ’19 (finance and professional writing double major) will start law school in August. This is Wagoner’s third year serving as a judge for the Whirling Prize.

The following students contributed to the Christine Stewart-Nunez poster:

Kyle Agnew ’19 (studio art major, psychology minor) and Lauren Raker ’19 (studio art) previously contributed a design to the Communiversity project themed around the “Frankenstein” novel, a collaborative project between the Departments of Art & Design and Theatre. They also contributed to the Infinite Campus Mural on display in the Krannert Memorial Library.

The 2019 theme for the Whirling Prize is “space: our relationships with the universe.” All entries must be postmarked by Sept. 2, 2019. See past winners and learn more about the Whirling Prize.

Listen to the UIndy Potluck Podcast here.
Learn more about Hullabaloo Press collaborations here.