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5 Signs That You’re a Future Greyhound

At the University of Indianapolis, students are challenged to reach their full potential and graduate prepared to use their education in service to their communities. Here, you aren’t just a number; you’re a Greyhound, a valuable member of our Pack. 

You might be a future Greyhound if:

1. You have a passion for serving others.

At UIndy, “Education for Service” is much more than a motto.  It’s at the core of what we do. We incorporate service into our curriculum through service-learning projects. No matter what major you declare, your courses will include community service projects, like traveling to the Dominican Republic to assist in community construction projects, or organizing a neighborhood association cultural festival

You can show your admissions counselor that you’re ready to serve your community by listing any extracurricular activities, including volunteer and service work, in the open response portion of your application. 

Don’t have time for extracurriculars? Tell us about how you serve others, such as your family, friends, or neighborhood, in your open response portion instead! 

2. You don’t back down from a challenge.

With classes as small as ours, you’re going to get to know both your classmates and your faculty very well. UIndy faculty members are dedicated to helping you be the best version of yourself. Part of helping you reach that point includes challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone, try new things and dig deeper into your lessons. It can be an intimidating experience, but in the end, you’ll emerge even stronger and more confident in yourself.

While not required, you can show your admissions counselor that you’re ready for a challenge by submitting a letter of recommendation from a school guidance counselor, coach, teacher or other trusted adult outside of your family who can tell us about your determination and confidence! 

3. You’re looking to expand your worldview.

Not only will you have the opportunity to travel the world and gain hands-on knowledge of other cultures, but you’ll experience a variety of cultures, backgrounds and characteristics right here on campus. Over 40 states and 55 countries are represented by the UIndy student body, meaning you will have classes with and maybe even room with a student with a completely different background than yourself. This will equip you with the open, understanding perspective needed to succeed in life after college. 

You can show your admissions counselor that you’re ready to expand your worldview by listing any extracurricular activities, including student organizations, sports, clubs, and volunteer work, in your application. Don’t forget to include your role in these activities, such as president, treasurer, etc. 

Don’t have time for extracurriculars? Tell us how you learn about the world around you, such as traveling outside of your home town, reading books about other cultures, or even keeping up with local, national and international news! 

4. You’re open to new ideas and ways of thinking.

At UIndy, we want to expose you to a variety of ways of thinking about the world. That’s why each year, we host more than 100 lectures and performances, ranging from student theater productions to visits from influential leaders like Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye to casual discussions about current events. While attending a number of these events is required to graduate, you’ll be sure to find an L/P event that leaves you on the edge of your seat. 

While not required, you can show your admissions counselor that you’re open to new ideas and experiences by writing a personal statement and discussing your interests, both academic and otherwise. 

You can also schedule a one-on-one meeting with your admissions counselor so you can tell them about your interests yourself! 

5. You are proud to call yourself a Greyhound.

You should be proud of where you go to college and there are many reasons to be proud of being a Greyhound. As home to many nationally-ranked programs, Division II championship teams, and, our mascot, Grady the Greyhound, is currently the only greyhound collegiate live mascot in the country. There’s a lot to be proud of at UIndy!

You can show your admissions counselor that you love UIndy by visiting campus during your application process and by following @UIndy on social media to stay up-to-date with all things Greyhound! 

Are you a future Greyhound? Apply today to join the Pack