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Prof recalls work at 1989 plane crash scene

On July 19, 1989, United Airlines Flight 232 lost an engine and all hydraulic controls on its way from Denver to Chicago, tumbling into the Sioux City, Iowa, airport in a fiery crash landing that was captured on video. Though 112 passengers died, 184 miraculously survived, due largely to the heroic efforts of the crew […]

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In the news: lacrosse, first family, forensics

The first season is more than a year away, but the UIndy men’s and women’s lacrosse program leads a story in this week’s Indianapolis Business Journal. Sports business reporter Anthony Schoettle talks with Sue Willey, our VP for Intercollegiate Athletics, about why adding the sport is a strategic move for Midwestern universities. Subscribers can read the story […]

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Athletic Training profs earn national honors

Two faculty members from UIndy’s Athletic Training Program are receiving national awards today at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association’s 65th Clinical Symposia & AT Expo here in Indianapolis. Professor Christine Lauber and Assistant Professor Scott Lawrance each will receive the NATA’s 2014 Athletic Trainer Service Award, which recognizes involvement in professional associations, community organizations, grassroots […]

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Historian: WWI tensions echo in today’s world

Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of the spark that ignited the first truly global military conflict, and despite the passage of time, many current international crises can be linked to the chain of events we now call World War I, a University of Indianapolis historian and author says. Tensions unleashed by the June 28, 1914, […]

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Video: Texas migrant project has deep impact

A compelling, self-produced video illustrates the human impact of the work performed by a UIndy student-faculty forensic science team earlier this month in southern Texas. Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Biology Krista Latham and five students volunteered to spend nearly two weeks in the oppressive heat exhuming the remains of undocumented migrants who have died after […]

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On the air: Anthropologist on Indian imagery

Professor Gregory Reinhardt, chair of UIndy’s Department of Anthropology, was featured on Wisconsin Public Radio last week discussing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s decision to rescind federal trademark protection for the Washington Redskins. Dr. Reinhardt has a particular interest in the depictions of Native Americans found throughout our culture, and he maintains a large collection […]

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Texas update: Heat, cameras and desperation

NEWS UPDATES: WISH-TV, Indianapolis WGBT-TV, Harlingen, TX As their blog makes clear, UIndy’s Dr. Krista Latham and her student team of forensic scientists are hard at work in the south Texas heat this week, continuing their humanitarian mission of exhuming remains in hope of identifying and repatriating migrants and refugees who have died after crossing […]

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Marketing prof talks Indy 500, online gaming

Associate Professor Larry DeGaris, director of UIndy’s Sports Marketing program, is one of five national motorsports experts interviewed by the personal finance website Wallet Hub for a report titled “The Indianapolis 500 By The Numbers.” Along with an interesting infographic (how much fuel do the cars burn per lap?), the post includes the experts’ views […]

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Prof receives Fulbright scholarship to Brazil

As it gains prominence on the world stage, Brazil is not the only nation that touts racial equality despite a legacy of discrimination dating back to the slave trade. But just as African folk healers gave comfort and a sense of identity to oppressed Afro-Brazilians in the 18th century, new generations of writers and arts activists […]

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UIndy campus eyed for electric car station

Indianapolis made international news this week with the announcement of a public car-sharing program that will put 500 plug-in electric hatchbacks on the streets by next year — and UIndy is part of the plan. The agreement between the city and the Bollore Group of France is touted as the United States’ largest test to […]

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